Wonderful Fashion Season

Spring is a colourful season which we are waiting for very impatiently. So Spring/Summer 2011 wonderful fashion season has just come. It’s appeared with real optimism and joy, bright colours, wonderful romantism, gentle flirty and of course, with merry sunny fashion trends. Perhaps it may happen that we’ll buy less but spend more – nobody knows this. And we’ll probably see less bland designs and colours, but at the same time, we’ll get more quality and nicer statement pieces.

Everybody wants to know more details about the hottest 2011 fashion trends. 2011 fashion trends are quite in full swing. That’s why we must choose thoroughly what things in our wardrobe to say “good-bye” to. So the refreshing of our wardrobe is necessary and important.

Have a look! The whole list of fashion trends is so different! Fashion runways are demonstrating bright fruity colours, such as orange, neon green, lemon yellow.

On the one hand we can see gentle and romantic girly style which is ready for spring/summer 2011!

Thus bohemian spring with lots of wonderful flowers both on the wide fields and on our best dresses has already come!

On the other hand the ethnic trend with it’s animal print tops in wonderful combinations with geometric shaped skirts in grass green hues is clearly seen.

At last the best romantic seasons with two principal colours: white and nude have been declared by extraordinary white embroidered and lacy dresses. Some collections contain classic white shirt as their main piece.

The 50s and 60s are back again. Two aesthetics such as ’70s bohemian and ’70s sophisticated glamour of rather astonishing ink, sapphire and emerald dresses and also the high-waisted flare jeans are presented.

Incredibly feminine “maxi” dresses of tropical coral, champagne, blue, emerald green elegant fabrics, leave much to imagination and are still very popular in spring/summer 2011 fashion trends. Pretty unexpected trend shows tail dresses, a bit shorter of such well-known average length, but more sexier, and long and red-carpet-ready gowns. Jumpsuits also belong to one of the hottest fashionable pieces this spring.

Spring 2011 supposes real comfort and relaxation. That’s why fashion label Bershka came out with cosy loose clothes, very comfortable shoes and lively breezy fabrics for its new 2011 collection. Colorful and fun “Bershka in London” feature unique shorts and bathing suits, oversized cat eye sunglasses, amazing belts, hats, jeans, and plaid shirts, perfect for a stylish warm season.


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