Womens Guide to This Years Top Summer Fashion Tips

Now that summer is in full swing, women are keen to have the latest fashion trends to add sunshine to their wardrobe. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a brand new range of clothes and accessories however – with some key tips and savvy choices, you can keep in line with the latest summer styles without breaking your bank balance. In a nutshell, being fashionable is certainly not about blindly following fickle fads – it’s about being yourself and having a basic understanding of what works. In the words of the famous Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” The following guide will give you some of the hottest style tips for summer 2011.

1 – There’s nothing less stylish than looking like a wilted flower with a shiny, tomato-red face and sweaty, clinging clothes – part of looking great in summer is to look cool, so choose¬†breezy, loose fitting garments in light colours.

2 – This year, it’s all about bringing your summer outfits to life with big, bold accessories. Examples include oversized clutch purses in brilliant shades, chunky wooden beads and armfuls of bangles. Don’t be shy!

3 – While brilliant colours are part and parcel of the summer wardrobe, understated clothing is also needed to compliment them so that you don’t stand out like a garish circus clown. By mixing and matching different layers of neutral tones, you’ll also be adding a cool calmness to your look and feel.

4 – Likewise, summer is mostly about having light makeup that makes you look fresh and doesn’t cake or streak in the hot weather. As our mothers always said – less is more. For evenings however, a bright cheerful red lipstick, especially with a healthy glow to the skin, looks radiant.

5 – T-shirts never lose their appeal, they’re comfortable, versatile and come in a never-ending range of colours, pattern designs and cuts to compliment any wardrobe. The key is to invest in t-shirts that suit your body style however. Although slightly warmer, t-shirts with a thicker fabric are more flattering as they don’t cling to your body’s lumps and bumps.

6 – Tunic tops are both trendy and ideal for covering up on the beach while on holiday. They also look great when worn with a pair of neutral trousers for a relaxed summer look. This year, the tunic tops to look out for are bright with eye-catching patterns.

7 – Camisoles are one of the prettiest and most versatile pieces of summer clothing to own. They can be worn a stylish addition to jeans, under a suit for the office or with smart trousers and heels for a lovely evening out.

8 – Abit of leg is crucial for summer. Here are some tips to make the best of them. If they’re pale and pasty from the winter months, try some fake tan or wear sheer coloured tights. If you balk at the thought of wearing shorts, you can wear knee length skirts or dresses instead. And if you think your legs are too short to look good in summer clothes, some high heels will do the trick nicely.

9 – Wide brimmed hats always bring a touch of classic elegance and glamour. Plus, any beauty conscious woman will want to maintain her youthful appearance by protecting her skin from too much sun.

10 – Be careful of overdoing the fake tan. Nothing looks sillier than a carrot-orange skin tone. It’s better to have a healthy bit of colour that comes from small doses of sun.

11 – You can’t go wrong with wearing white trousers in summer. They’re cool, stylish and compliment most tops. Their breezy look will be ruined if they’re too tight however, so make sure you buy a pair that fit comfortably.

12 – For times when a cool breeze slightly dips the temperature, have a bolero, pashmina or shawl to hand. These will keep your arms warm without ruining the line of your dress, plus they’re rather elegant.

ConclusionTo me, the most important factor to looking great is being clear about which fashion styles suit your body and your personality. I think every woman has experienced the disappointment of buying the latest must-have, only to discover that it just doesn’t suit you. So, be sure to pick the trends that harmonise with your inherent style. With this in mind as well as the above tips, you’ll avoid falling victim to fashion. Another great way to keep up to date with the latest style trends while staying true to yourself is to regularly dip into a womens fashion blog or two – they offer great advice from ladies of all shapes, sizes and budgets.



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