When Jewelry Loses It’s Shine and What to Do When it Does

Article by A. Zarokian

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever. The shine and dazzle like tiny pieces of star-shine, gleaming brightly from an equally brilliant ring or bracelet. However, they can lose their luster over time. With this in mind, don’t be brokenhearted just yet. Your jewelry can gain it’s brilliance back. More than likely, all that is required is simply a good cleaning. In addition, you may be surprised how gorgeous your vintage jewelry may look after a good dose of TLC.

First off, there are a plethora of cleaning products designed for jewelry. However, don’t grab the first one off of the shelf. Especially with the idea of antiques in mind, avoid products that contain alcohol, ammonia, or acids. While these may initial results using these products may appear to incredible, over time they seriously damage these valuable works of art. In addition, never use a cleaner that is designed for another medium. Using a product that has been only designed for gold could potentially harm a favored piece of your grandmother’s rare, silver Art Deco rings.

If a piece has collected pockets of dirt or grit, please don’t use anything rough or abrasive to clean with.   If you must use an item for cleaning, the recommendations consist of a gentle cloth, soft toothbrush, or a makeup brush. Dust the object first using either the tooth or makeup brush. However, in dusting go by his rule of thumb. If your work is too abrasive for your skin, it will also be for your valuables. After the dusting, apply some jewelry cleaner and wipe down with a gentle cloth.

Like anything good in life, jewelry should be maintained. By doing so, this small treasure of yours will last for many years to come.

When Jewelry Loses It's Shine and What to Do When it Does

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