Visit to Angelina tearoom after a long day shopping

Shopping in Paris can be an extremely tiring experience, especially when you have spent a number of hours roaming on the streets of Paris, looking for your perfect wardrobe. There is no better place than the famous Angelina Tea House that can help you relax and make you forget all about your aching muscles.

You can go to Angelina for their traditional afternoon tea. The entire menu at the Angelina tearoom is a clear reflection of the highest standard of luxury of the place. Their tea time menu is also no exception.

You can enjoy the luxurious tea at Angelina tearoom from 3 pm onwards. You cannot make reservations for tea as it is the busiest time. You will have to wait in a queue in order to enjoy their scrumptious tea.

The Angelina Tea Time menu includes a selection of cocktail canapés as well as a selection of delectable mini pastries, mini macarons, delicious and madeleines.

Majority of people prefer to have hot chocolate or tea, chosen from their wide variety. Coffee is also available for people who would rather prefer to have coffee. However, it is a rare incidence that people order coffee instead of the rich, delectable hot chocolate that’s made with three different types of African.

At the end of your visit, you can enjoy take Angelina’s chestnut cream with you. It can be used with all sorts of delicious bread that are available in almost every corner of Paris.

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