Top Ways to Get Rid of Contact Lens Irritation

Summary: Contact lenses can be a bit irritating, and the symptoms will generally get worse if Justify untreated.

Contact wearers out there suffer from irritating symptoms like dry eyes, itchiness, and even pain. Now, much of these factors might be harmless, but there are some indicators that could point to a threatening trend and may even lead to an illness. It’s important to consult with your eye doctor if you are suffering any of these symptoms.

Use Specialized Eye Drops

Most eye doctors will recommend a specialized type of eye drop that you can either purchase over the counter or with a prescription. This is designed for use with contact lenses and keep your eyes moist when they start to get dry. If you haven’t gotten anything for your eyes, all it takes is one call to your optometrist to get a recommendation. Do not use something that you believe will work, always consult with a professional beforehand.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are still suffering chronic dryness or irritation, it never hurts to schedule an appointment with your optometrist. This way, you can have direct contact with him or her and explain the symptoms – much like you would with your primary care physician. Many contact wearers tend to ignore the signs and resort to using their own methods like standard eye drops or rubbing their eyes to get that feeling of satisfaction. Rather, try and talk to your optometrist, there may be a chance that you are suffering from a treatable disease. Or, it could be something that could be as easy as a change in your contact lens type.

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