The Best of Lemon Treats at the Angelina Tearoom

Lemon definitely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the Angelina Tearoom. Because they’re famous for their extra-rich hot chocolate, there’s probably no one in the world that would recommend the tearoom for the lemon-flavored offerings. However, even while these tart treats never take center stage, they’re definitely worth trying.

For lemon lovers, the Tarte Citron is a must. This pastry made of smooth lemon cream is perfectly balanced between tart and sweet and the candied lemon topping is surprisingly delicious. The Lemon Cake à la Tranche is also quite splendid and definitely a step up from your average sponge cake.

For your beverage, you have quite a few options. The tearoom offers the traditional La Mortuacienne lemonade but the freshly pressed lemon juice might be a better option. If you prefer a hot drink, opt for the herbal infusion.

The sorbets at the Angelina Tearoom are also a little-known secret. They’re perfectly textured, excellently flavored, and not teeming with sweetness. The lemon would be your obvious choice but rather than a double scoop, try that with a scoop of the strawberry for an incredibly delightful treat.

The tearoom is also known for their incomparable mini French macarons. Make sure you get yourself a box before you leave. The lemon is an excellent choice but you may want to try the raspberry and pistachio as well. That ends your lemony adventure at the Angelina Tearoom.

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