Summer in places where the weather is still rather cold

It’s no surprise that if you live in places like Barrow, San Francisco, Seattle, or even Portland, you will find that the summer brings about warmer weather but it would still be a whole lot cooler as opposed to what the rest of the country experiences. With that said, you might still want to wear a coat or a sweater when you head out. It does not mean that you get to wear shorts, a tank top and flip-flops just because it’s the summer in these places.
But nevertheless, you will be able to enjoy wearing clothing items that are thinner and more breathable rather than having to wear a thick and bulky winter coat everywhere you go. You can put those away and put on a cardigan, or a light jacket instead. Take this time to explore various clothing options in your wardrobe that you were not able to wear during the fall or winter. Going for bright colors is always a good idea during the summer. And if you thought this had no scientific value to it, bright colors actually help repel sunlight – meaning your clothes absorb less sunlight leaving you feeling more relaxed and cool because of it. You can also try wearing a pair of shorts, some moccasins and of course a pair of sunglasses as well. Feel free to experiment and try on different clothing combinations that will look good on you and make you feel confident as well. Make the most out of that lovely weather you’re experiencing.

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