Sport Coats for Men

Tuxedos are a common form of clothing for men especially at formal occasion, in particular, those along the lines of a celebration. One can find every man present at the Oscars or the Emmys wearing a ‘tux’ and in black, waiting for the time when the award for their movie or television program is being announced.

Men’s suits are a must-have with variations such as the classic single-breasted or the double-breasted version or the two-piece or three-piece version that should be worn depending on the occasion or the purpose of the occasion as well. Even though this might encourage pretentious behavior in higher circles, there is no doubt that wearing the inappropriate wear for any occasion can be an embarrassment alright.

For the more casual at heart, sport coats can be a good choice as one does not need to follow any rules while wearing them.

Since they are normally worn on their own, this leaves the wearer to decide what else he would like to wear along with it. As they are made for ‘rough use’, these coats are made from sturdier fabrics for outdoor sports and hunting in the early days. In the United States, the sports coat is used for business and recreational purposes as well, indicating a shift of trends (and attitude!) as opposed to how it is used in the United Kingdom.

Gone are the days when the idea of wearing one’s Sunday best made sense because in a world like ours, everyday should be treated like Sunday.

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