Reducing Eye Strain When Your a Heavy Computer User

Computers present a major strain on the eyes, and we’re addicted to them! The average person will spend upwards of 9 hours on a screen of some kind in a single day. This problem is especially acute in developed countries, where computer usage is higher than normal.

These hours take a toll on our vision, but you fight back with a few tips and ideas. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice from professionals, with special attention paid to those who wear Acuvue 2 contact lenses.

Keep Some Distance

Your Mom and your optometrist are in agreement: put some distance between you and that screen! Ideally, you will maintain a distance of roughly 20-30 inches between your eyes and the monitor. Your eyes should be able to focus without straining to see, or arching your back or neck.

If you don’t have a tape measure near you, just use your arm. Reach out to the monitor, and if you can touch it with your fingertips you’re at a good distance. Here’s a quick bonus tip: elevate your monitor so your back and neck remain straight. Your back will appreciate the care later in life.

Step Away

Sometimes, your vision can get blurry after a long session. It helps to step away every 30-60 minutes so you can avoid eye strain. Try and schedule regular breaks throughout the day. Aim for six brief ones to get proper rest. You can take this time to stretch your shoulders and neck as well.

Don’t Forget to Blink

We often forget to blink when we stare at a screen. We may go long stretches without moisturizing our eyes. Aiming for consistent blinking every 10-15 seconds helps moisturize and prevent the worst damage from dryness. Even consciously blinking is huge first step in the right direction.

According to, those who were contact lenses can try artificial tears to help with dryness.

Don’t Underestimate Lighting

One very practical step everyone can take is to use proper lighting. Indoor lighting uses fluorescent bulbs usually, and the glare is harmful to your eyes. They may provide enough light to see, but they often do more harm than good.

We offer two solutions to this problem. The first solution may seem counter-intuitive but darken your room. Outside light seeping in may create unwanted glare. Secondly, fit screens with anti-glare protectors that filter out the glare from natural light.

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