Men’s Casual Must Haves for 2017

No matter what your particular style may be, there are essential must-have pieces that every man should have in their closet in order to have a successful wardrobe. The following pieces are versatile enough to mix and match to create an overall look that is effortless and stylish.

Cotton Suit

No wardrobe is complete without having a proper suit, and a lightweight cotton suit is a fashionable and formidable option that all men should exercise. Equipped with the perfect tailoring, it is possible to make an impressive style statement.

Linen Clothing

If you’re approaching spring and summer, and you don’t have linen, you’re in for a bad time. The breathable fabric is light and airy, and offers the perfect look for summer. Pair linen pants with a linen button up and a fitted undershirt for a timeless look that hints at something tropical.


Chinos are a staple that every man should have a few pairs of as they can be worn to almost any function. A tailored fit (without pleats) assures that any man can wear them from the workplace through the weekend. Just remember to pair them with the proper shoes, and don’t forget to match your shoes to your belt.

Statement Dress Shoes

A great pair of dress shoes separates the men from the boys, and suede and leather shoes make a statement when you walk in any room. From wingtips t classic brogues, a well-dressed man should have at least one pair for an upscale occasion.


Article provided by Dev Randhawa .Today, Dev Randhawa manages multiple blogs that help to fund his travels around the world. Since 2010, Dev Randhawa has been at the forefront of fashion insight and men’s style.

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