How to dress for multiple weddings without spending a fortune

If you’re looking at a season full of weddings with the same family and friends, you may be worried about how much you may have to spend on wedding attire. Here are some tips to avoid an outfit repeater.

Change your hair – Look online for wedding-ready hair looks and tutorials that you do at home for every event. Make sure your hairstyle matches your outfit and the event.

Try a convertible dress – Most convertible dresses can be styled in 6 different ways. Invest in a neutral color, like navy, that you can change and add different jewelry, a belt or shoes to make your outfit look even more different.

Try a reversible dress – reversible dresses give you 2 dresses in one. Most of them have fun prints on one side and understated solids on the other.

Find a LBD (little black dress), that you love – Invest in a good quality LBD that fits you perfectly. Choose a classic one with less detail, like cutouts or embellishments. You can then choose to dress your LBD up or down by changing your shoes and jewelry.

Invest in outfit-making jewels – Mix up affordable bling and change your outfit from a beach wedding to a formal wedding event.

Use a shawl or silk scarf – You can loop a shawl or a scarf around your neck to make a simple dress more formal.

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