How 60’s clothing broke all fashion trends

60’s clothing changed everything in the world of fashion and that change can be pointed to an internal metamorphosis of values that exemplified going back to nature, rebellion, freedom. In short, it was time to break free from the shackles of outdated thinking… yes indeed it was a time for change.

This was a time when conventional clothes such as the vintage tee shirt were discarded for wear that suited a ‘hippie’ lifestyle. The style of these clothes adopted an Eastern touch, if you will.

Sporting a beard along with ponytails and so on and so forth didn’t seem so ‘unkempt’, as most people who desired to break free from the paradigms that modern society seemed to be inflicting on them wanted to express that inner change with the way they dressed on a daily basis.

If one looks at websites such as Vintage Trends, one will find the contrasting styles of each era in detail. Even though most of these clothes are out of fashion, thanks to the constant ‘updates’ that fashion designers come up with every year, it is noteworthy that Oriental fashion (if one can call it that!) hasn’t changed as much as vintage western clothing has over the years.

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