Beauty tips for the winter

The arrival of winter requires a revisit of your beauty habits including use of creams, lip balm, moisturizers and your skincare routine. Here are some tips to maintain your skin health and your beauty during winter.

  • Shorten your showers. Long, hot showers in the winter take away moisture from the skin. Try and use water at normal temperature.
  • You may need to apply body moisturizers at least twice a day, after your shower and before going to bed.
  • Apply lip balm or cocoa butter whenever you feel your lips are dry.
  • Stay out of face washes that make your skin dry. Instead add lemon juice to your face washing water.
  • Your hair gets drier during winter, so add a conditioner after washing.
  • Those with dry skin need special care during winter. A mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water can help your dry skin.
  • Use a natural skin toner after any spa treatment at home.
  • Winter weather known to enhance dark rings around eyes due to dryness. Use a cream based moisturizer made for treating the area around the eye.
  • Keep in mind that maintaining good diet balanced with fruits and vegetables is needed to strengthen and tone your skin during the winter.
Beauty tips for the winter

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