An Obsession with Fashion

There are some things that we simply can’t do without. Like how growing up, we’d have that shirt or pair of pants that we’d always use to the point that it’s too worn out to wear just because they’re our favorite and they’re comfy. We eventually grow into persons that feel more comfortable with more choices, to a point where we have the same pair of jeans in different sizes, or the same style of shirt in different colors. For women, however, there’s nothing more that we love other than having a wide variety of shoes.

Some of us, all for the passion of footwear, go to the point of investing in women shoes just because every color is specifically complementary to a particular ensemble that we have in mind – except black. Black works with anything (but if wouldn’t hurt to have other colors too, right?).

Also, since fall is just around the corner (or spring, wherever you are in the world), wouldn’t it be perfect to match up those shoes with a scarf? Matching shoes to a scarf might just be the right touch of ‘interesting’ to an otherwise boring outfit. As with shoes, we tend to be very particular with the kind of scarves that we use – as function gives way to form; plus, they don’t wear out easily, and are unisex, so given its versatile use, it might be a good idea to get into some scarves too!

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